Main advantages of the OutDry technology in glove’s industrial production:

Real waterproofness in one step

The OutDry system is based on a patented lamination process: the waterproof and breathable membrane is bonded directly to the external glove’s shell by the action of pressure and temperature, creating a unique body which seals the stitching and any other potential water entry point.


A specific membrane

The OutDry waterproof/breathable membrane is specifically engineered for the lamination process: it has a very high elasticity and a reduced thickness, keeping a very high tearing resistance. Membrane is cut and sealed to perfectly meet the shell volumes and guarantee the absolute fitting of the glove.

Design and materials with no limitations

OutDry technology is suitable for any kind of protective glove: ski, mountaineering, motorcycling, firefighters and even… golf. There are no limitations on the shell materials (leather, fabric, etc.); moreover, OutDry reduces the need of additional water protective coating which normally reduce the glove breathability and comfort

Easy and effective lining application

OutDry has developed an exclusive procedure for the insulation lining application. Thanks to this procedure the comfort and dexterity improvements are maximized. In fact, no seam or tape is placed between the shell and the lining so the finger sensitivity remains very high.